The Paz Foundation is a distinguished non-profit organization operating in the Philippines. We have  the strong support of the Ministry of Health and the Office of the President. With a profound commitment to making a positive impact, our organization is devoted to improving the well-being of women and children throughout the country. Through various initiatives and partnerships, we strive to foster educational and medical advancements. The Foundation is  ensuring a brighter future for the people of the Philippines.

One of our most ambitious projects is the Medical City which is being built in Subic Bay.  

Below is a list of projects The Paz Foundation is currently focusing on in The Philippines,

Women and Children’s Hospital

The Paz Foundation working in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and with the Support of the Office of the President is Proud to announce the Development of the Women and Children’s Hospital to be located in Subic Bay , in the Province of Luzon which is 100 Km from Metro Manila.

We are proposing to Build a “State of the Art” 300 Bed highly specialized Women and Children’s Research Hospital interconnected with a Major University in the United States.
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Women’s Center for victims of Domestic Violence

A much-anticipated Women’s Center for victims of Domestic Violence, Abuse, or neglect. On the Grounds of the The Women’s Center will are building an IT Center to train IT Specialist. The IT center is an extension of Ariston Institute of Higher Learning for those seeking a USA Accredited degree while residing in the Philippines.
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