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“Empowering, Educating, Protecting Women and Children”

Luis Ortiz Aguilar Sr.
President of the Paz Foundation Luis Ortiz Aguilar Sr.

“Women Empowerment and Children Protection United Nations NGO dedicated to the following causes:

To provide Educational Scholarships, grants, and donations. To donate funds to fully established local and national scholarship organizations.

At the Paz Foundation, we are developing Women and Children domestic violence centers dedicated to assisting families with transitional legal counseling, medical, and educational services. Our purpose: to protect victims of Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, and children’s sexual and emotional abuse issues in conjunction with the “Girls, not Brides” Organization.

Our Medical Program is designed to Develop and establish a Women and Children’s Hospital providing highly specialized prevention and medical services. Whereas, some illnesses are unique to women and children from prenatal to 12 years of age.

To provide Emotional and Grief Recovery Centers. The centers will provide physiological and psychological counseling. Also, we will assist individuals and their families and help them recover from a personal crisis.

The Paz Foundation is registered as a private foundation where 70% of donations will come from the Founder’s corporations and Limited liability organizations. Whereas, the Foundation is also engaged in charitable works with fully established non-profit organizations.

In conclusion, we are only a vehicle for the execution and completion of Humanitarian projects and social programs. Whereas, we work and joint venture with hundreds of purpose-driven individuals and corporations whose sole purpose is to create change, hope, and protection and to help change the destiny of men women, and children around the world.


United Nations NGO Status Letter
United Nations NGO Status Letter

Luis Ortiz Aguilar Sr.

Author and President of the Paz Foundation

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