The Paz Foundation’s Humanitarian Projects:

 The Paz Foundation’s  projects are designed to create self-sustaining Communities. We are using our Global Fund to assist in cleaning the environment to provide housing, education and health services for millions of people. We are proud to assist other organizations around the world by Joint Venturing and providing needed funds for the realization of many projects.  Also, these projects are designed to help develop, education, agriculture and create thousand of jobs and clean water. See our Blog Post on ” How to stop Verbal Abuse,  Also, we welcome your DONATIONS for our social causes.  

The Paz Foundation Scholarship Fund Program

Empowering future leaders through education by providing scholarships to deserving individuals who have the potential to make a positive impact on society.
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The "Cameron Dean Aguilar"Food Kitchen

Our projects: we are proud to honor my grandson "Cameron Dean Aguilar" who died from cancer, We are establishing community food kitchens around the world that serve nutritious meals to individuals and families in need, Whereby, we are ensuring that no one goes hungry.
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Women and Children’s Shelters

The Paz Foundation is providing a safe haven for women and children facing homelessness or domestic abuse. We are offering shelter, support, and resources to help them rebuild their lives. Our First Women Resource Center will be open in Santa Cruz , Bolivia on October 15, 2024. See our Blog Posting on "How to stop Verbal Abuse.
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"Pearl of the Orient" Wellness City

The Paz Foundation using our Global Fund is developing the largest Wellness City in the World located in the Dinalungan Aurora Province, the Philippines. The "Pearl of the Orient" Wellness city is being built and integrated into the natural flow of the Rainforest near the shore of the Pacific Ocean. .
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Organic Agriculture Programs

Promoting sustainable farming practices and fostering the growth of organic agriculture, working towards a healthier and more environmentally friendly future.
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How to Solve the Worlds' Water Crisis

We are Launching our Climate Changing Technology and Addressing the global water crisis. We are implementing clean water projects in communities in need, ensuring access to safe and clean drinking water for all.
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Child Development Services

The Paz Foundation is passionate about donation and implementing Child, education, protection and health services via our Shelters, schools and Protection services..
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Ariston Institute of Chicago

Empowering individuals through education and skill development at the Ariston Institute of Chicago. We are equipping our students with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in today's competitive world.
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                                  Water Shortage Solution 

We are Doing excited to Launch our Synergic Global Water Technology to the World. Synergic Global Water LLC is now taking orders for the Climate Changing Technology. We are using our Global Fund to fund up to 80% of the project to qualified applicants.  

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