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About Us - 'Women Empowerment and Child Protection Foundation

About Us

Who we are and Where we Work

About Us: The Paz Foundation is a Private Charitable Organization working for the betterment of Women and Children in various parts of the world.

The Inspiration Behind the Paz Foundation

Growing up in California and living in Subsidised Housing I experience firsthand the disparity of people living paycheck to paycheck, drug dealing, Domestic violence, child neglect abuse, etc. In spite of these social ills, we managed to stay active in school programs, and sports and graduated from high school and college.

The nucleus of our family and the inspiration behind the founding of the PAZ FOUNDATION was our mother named “PAZ”. Our Mother was a good-hearted and charitable woman that immigrated from Mexico to work in labor camps in the early 1950s. She has a deep desire to raise her children in an environment of good Education and Business opportunities.

  • Seven Deadly Social Sins
    • Politics without principles,
      • Wealth without work,
        • Pleasure without conscience,
          • Knowledge without character,
            • Commerce without morality,
              • Science without humanity,
              • Worship without sacrifice
                • -Mahatma Gandhi-

About Us: Where do We work?

Oakland California: Our world headquarters is in Oakland, California where we are planning and executing the Paz Foundation standalone and Joint Venture projects worldwide. Chicago, Illinois, home of Ariston Institute. Ariston is in the process of Accreditation as a higher-learning College focusing on Charitable Organization disciplines

  1. La Paz, Bolivia: We are working with Charitable Organizations for the development of Job Programs, Children’s health, and Pregnancy Prevention Education and creating self-sustaining projects (i.e., Organic Food Agriculture, IT Training, etc.)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: In Vietnam, we are Donating Food, Money, and Consulting Services to Charitable Organizations. We are working with Children with Autism, Orphans, and Children living on the streets.

Donating time and resources to Children living with Autism

Manila, the Philippines: We are in the process of registering the Paz Foundation International Foundation in Manila, the Philippines. We are building a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital and other self-sustaining projects.

The Philippines Flag
The Philippines Flag
Board of Directors for the Paz Foundation Philippines
The Paz Foundation Philippines

Maputo Mozambique, Africa: We are in the process of receiving Development Funds to support refugees along with other United Nations Organizations in Mozambique. We are delivering Portable Medical equipment and supplies and building hundreds of permanent modular homes.

Mozambique Republic Flag
Mozambique and the Paz Foundation
Refugees from Mozambique
Mozambique Refugees

Sao Paulo, Brazil: Hare Capital Ltd. the parent company of Sugar from Brazil has agreed to donate millions of dollars for the development of Domestic Violence shelters. Also, we are building a Women’s and Children’s Hospital and developing Self-sustaining projects in various parts of Brazil.

Republic of Brazil
Brazil Colors
Sugar from Brazil Logo
Sugar from Brazil Logo

We, at the Paz Foundation, welcome your donations, volunteering, and support for our Social and life-changing innovative projects.

Luis Ortiz Aguilar Sr.

President of the Paz Foundation

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