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The Paz Foundation was inspired by the Love, Generosity, and nurturing of our mother Paz Ortiz. Our Mother was a cheerful and giving soul all of her life. As a result, I Luis Ortiz Aguilar Sr. am proud to establish The Paz Foundation in Honor of the most caring and giving woman I have ever known.

About Us: The Paz Foundation

About Us and the Specific Purpose of the Paz Foundation:
Firstly, the afflicted and bondage of a broken heart knows no age or social status. Each year millions of people are confronted with crisis-inducing events that they cannot resolve on their own. Crisis intervention counseling is the emerging therapeutic method of choice for most abused individuals (per leading experts in the field).

The Paz Foundation Domestic Violence Center will provide an in-patient refuge facility where victims and their families will receive 24/7 crisis intervention, help, and recovery. Therapeutic care will be given to an individual who, because of unusual stress in his or her life renders them unable to function as they normally would. Our primary objective is to “break the cycle of violence”, interrupt the downward spiral of maladaptive behavior, and return the individual to their usual level of pre-crisis functioning.

Official Consultative Status with UNITED NATIONS

The Paz Foundation received its official consultative status with United Nations to be registered as an Non-Governmental Organization after approval from Economic and Social Council on June 6, 2019.

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The Paz Foundation

Our Goals

The Foundation will be fully dedicated to providing funding resources for educational grants, Women’s shelters, training centers, Children’s Hospitals, and faith-based programs.


Funding for churches, community and educational centers and faith based cultural and educational programs.


Our Women and Children Hospitals which will provide highly specialized medical services to women and children from prenatal to 12 years of age.


The Paz Foundation will partner with an International Distance Leaning University which will provide degrees in areas of: Leadership/Management; Accounting; Technology (Engineering and Computer Science) Organic Agriculture; Energy; Bioinformatics; Health Administration.

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