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Ariston Institute of Chicago - Being Funded by the Paz Foundation

Ariston Institute of Chicago

The Paz Foundation is Proud to Fund the Ariston Institute of Chicago

A Vision for Global Prosperity through Education, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Charity, Empowerment, and Cultural Integration

The Board of Directors of Ariston Institute of Chicago

Firstly, we would like to thank Dr. John N. Kalaras for his vision and dedication to the founding and creation of the Ariston Institute. Together with Mr. Luis Ortiz Aguilar as the Co-Founder, Dr. Kalaras has gathered a group of highly talented Board of Directors. Whereas, each director has unique expertise in varied fields of education and professional disciplines. We at Ariston are proud to bring an Institute of higher learning using the latest IT Technology to Chicago, the State of Illinois, and the World.


Ariston® is a leading global institution of higher education. Its innovative-comprehensive programs and outstanding academicians provide a dynamic learning environment to motivated and diverse teams of students. Whereby, we instill, strong intellectual abilities, and an unwavering commitment to education, excellence, and ethics for purposeful success in life. 

We at Ariston are dedicated to empowering and guiding students in achieving their academic objectives, reaching their professional potential, finding purpose, Whereby, and becoming successful leaders, in a rapidly evolving and increasingly shrinking “Global Village”. In other words, we integrate live online learning for students around the world.

“How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.”
― George Washington Carver

Ariston® is dedicated and committed to:

Ariston Institute will be Providing world-class education that will surpass the expectations of its students and those of the academic community. Whereby, “Minimizing “Teaching” and maximizing-optimizing the benefits of “Facilitating Learning.” Thereby, “Creating a vibrant, dynamic, and diverse academic environment characterized by an unwavering continuous commitment to ethics, social responsibility, consciousness, and justice.

¨ Guiding ambitious professionals to earn a viable university degree or certificate with state-of-the-art, career-oriented education, to fulfill their academic and professional goals, ensure gainful employment, and acquire leadership and entrepreneurial skills that benefit them and society. 

¨ By Broadening and deepening students’ ability to efficiently use business-driven science and technology, in improving quality of life, productivity, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of business and society, via value-added pedagogical methodologies. In other words, we are Assuring institutional leadership through its innovative programs and excellence in facilitating learning. 

¨ Providing a distinctively transformative cultural experience and service to students and the community at large, where charitable consciousness and work are taught throughout the curriculum.

¨ Enhancing the employability of its workforce for the benefit of academia and society.

           ¨ Nourishing an instructional climate of free but respectful exchange of attitudes, values, ideas, divergent views, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and uncensored inquiry. Henceforth, we are “Recognizing that students must have a reason to learn as they learn to reason.

Furthermore, students who are motivated to make our world a better place need no other inducement. Whereby, we can “Establish an organizational culture” that encourages constructive and candid feedback from all stakeholders: faculty, and administration. Including business associates, government advisory councils, community, society, etc.

“To attain this Mission, we will work diligently towards a professional and ethical educational environment, based on trust, ethics, equality, and dignity”

To Ensure the Ongoing Pursuit of Excellence, We Pledge: 


We always will: 

¨ Treat each student as a precious and irreplaceable resource; we will meet and exceed their expectations. 

¨ Provide students with the opportunity to reach their academic goals and optimize their professional potential. Also, by providing Scholarships and Financial Support.

¨ Strengthen students’ leadership, team-building, managerial, analytical, critical thinking, technological, entrepreneurial, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. 

¨ Instill the value of lifelong learning and appreciation of differences in ethnicity, religion, culture, race, and personal values. Also, to Enable students to effectively conduct applied business analyses, research, and development. 

¨ By Offering highly innovative programs in a safe, intellectual, and professional environment. 

¨ We will Personally challenge students with excellence in education, “hands-on” and state-of-the-art pedagogical techniques. Most importantly, instill THE ZEAL TO LEARN 

¨ To design rigorous selection criteria that will enable us to pursue the best candidates, properly educate them and place them in highly satisfying and rewarding careers. In other words, unlike most business universities that teach how to become a “loyal employee.” We will instill entrepreneurial and leadership spirit. Furthermore, we have Special programs with financial assistance designed to encourage graduates to start their own businesses. 


  • Every associate is guaranteed lifelong employability rather than lifetime employment.
  • We believe in the dignity of each individual and strive to treat everyone with respect, fairness, professionalism, ethics, and trust.
  • Our outstanding faculty and administration will serve with honor, pride, and distinction, dedicated to serving everyone ethically and equitably.
  • Teamwork, empowerment, customer-driven quality, and of course continuous improvement are our primary values, whereby we seek to continually improve and optimize both, individual and team performance.
  • Quality Council consists of the Academic, Business, and Government Advisory Communities. As a result, we are continually enhancing the workplace by establishing effective teaching methodologies with state-of-the-art curricula and processes.
  • The Council will cultivate an environment that functions beyond the “zero defects” into “zero defections” and will ultimately surpass the mentality of “customer satisfaction into “client loyalty”.   

In effect, such an environment is pleasant and ensures relevance to the marketplace, competitiveness, and future accommodations of new, student, and employer-market needs. Furthermore, we are located in the Vibrant City of Chicago, Illinois. Also, we are working on connecting our Online Courses with various Universities in other countries


  • Every organization has an ethical obligation that goes beyond the requirements of the law and its economics, to pursue long-term goals that benefit society.
  • Any academic institution isn’t complete until charitable work is embedded in its curricula and
    all stakeholders wholeheartedly support such work.
  • We bring peace and prosperity to war-torn and underserved regions, through education.
  • Ariston will be a socially responsible and responsive institution with a strong code of ethics and primary values.

            Our Social Responsibility Aims To Achieve and Maintain:

  • By creating an excellent image that exceeds public expectations, instilling Balanced responsibility, power, influence, and empowerment
  • Hence, we create a better environment that is safety conscious and driven by ethical competition and socio-economics
  • The distinct spirit that fosters a deep respect for the God-given dignity, fairness, and equality of all persons. As a result, we are creating an atmosphere where the full measure of human potential is achieved and freedom is exercised responsibly.


-Ethos                                   -Integrity                                         -Dignity

-Character                           -Openness                                       -Virtue

-Honesty                              -Fairness                                          -Morality

-Social Responsibility -Consciousness- Justice

-Social Responsiveness  -Commitment                                -Generosity

-Honor                                  -Loyalty                                            -Charity

-Courage                              -Excellence                                      -Optimism

-Respect                               -Trust                                                -Perseverance

Finally, we welcome your Donations for Ariston or the Paz Foundation,

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