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How to STOP Verbal Abuse

How to Stop Emotional and Verbal Abuse 

Verbal abuse is more than just name-calling, it is a way to maintain power and control over someone simply by using words. We have all heard the old adage that ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me; however, this is definitely false. In other words, Verbal abuse is damaging and threatens emotional, sexual, financial, societal, and spiritual status.

It is important to remember that experiencing verbal abuse can be confusing and painful. Sometimes the offender will not even admit that they are indulging in hurtful behavior. In fact, offenders oftentimes excuse their behavior, making the victim feel stuck in the relationship.

There will inevitably be situations in which calling out the abuser will be unsuccessful. Henceforth, If this calm approach does not work, the only meaningful response to verbal abuse is to physically remove yourself from the situation. For example, if someone is yelling at you and your calm statements have no effect, the only reasonable reaction to the abuse is to leave the room or the premises.


By refusing to engage with the verbal abuser and refraining from trying to reason and argue with them, you are showing the abuser that he or she is not acting rationally and that you are not going to put up with the behavior. Some abusers will learn to change their behavior through repeated exposure to this approach; others will not. Therefore, If you are repeatedly exposed to verbal abuse from a partner, friend, colleague, or family member, it may be necessary to end the relationship temporarily or permanently.

The Paz Foundation has developed a “Take Back Control” Action Plan as Follows:

  • Contact Emergency Shelters for Women and Children (and Men; in some cases) that are victims of Abuse and need shelter  
  • Request Emergency Legal Assistance and Emergency Restraining Orders
  • Ask the Courts to order Counseling for the Victims and the Abuser
  • Sign up for Job Training and Online Courses for those that need to enter the job market
  • Request from the Courts Domestic Violence Awareness and Counseling
  • Sign-up for online courses for Children that cannot attend regular schools  
  • Ask the Court to Order Substance and Alcohol abuse Counseling and therapy for qualified patients
  • Also, register and Join Support Group Programs designed to raise the causes of abuse awareness.
  • Join self-confidence and hands-on support groups
  • Sign up for job Training and Certification Courses for Jobs and Financial Control  

In conclusion, Verbal, Physical, or Emotional Abuse should never be tolerated or accepted as there are hundreds of support Groups and Laws to protect victims of abuse.         

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Author: Quentin Shires