Luis Ortiz Aguilar


Mr. Aguilar is an entrepreneur working with a global organization in the area of International Finance. Mr. Aguilar is working as lead Consultant for Indico Capital Merchant Group and as Executive Officer of G7DigibancUSA . Mr. Aguilar is President of the Paz Foundation and is working with International Finance .

Dr. Jonh N. Kalaras,


Our Trustee, Dr. Kalaras Ph.D. is a highly respected professor of economics and business consultant to high- profile corporations and organizations. Also, Dr. Kalaras is the director of Ariston online University and leads economic advisor for the Paz Foundation worldwide operations.

Dr. Brandon L. Hamilton

Global Initiatives

Dr. Hamilton has recently been named the director of Fundraising and Business Development. Dr. Hamilton is the Director of Fundraising will function as the Program Officer for the PAZ Foundation. Dr. Hamilton is responsible for organizational development and campaign management.


We Paz Foundation and Ariston Institute are very grateful to our main sponsors as follows:

1. Josephine Medical Foundation ” Together we can make a Better World”

2. Luis Ortiz Aguilar lead consultant for Indico Capital Merchant

3. BEE-KASH is the most advanced currency exchange app designed to transfer the most valued currencies in the world.

4. Indico Capital Group is one of the oldest Private Investment banking and consulting firms in the world.

5. Economic Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations

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